Grass-fed Beef

From the heart of Hampshire

Cattle and Land

Our cows lead a natural life as far as possible, grazing and browsing the native vegetation outside, all year round. This means they have a very high quality of life and are far healthier than animals kept indoors. We handle them using low stress techniques, low stress for them and for us!

We manage our animals to increase biodiversity and soil carbon sequestration by making sure the pastures have fully recovered before bringing in the cows, integrating trees and minimising any chemical use.


We made 4 burgers from a bag of mince when we got home - salt and pepper and a raw free-range egg from our hens, chilled them in the fridge and then BBQ’d them. Absolutely delicious! The tastiest beef we have had in a very long time! Unbelievable difference in taste and texture. We are definitely going to enjoy the rest of the box.

—  Richard and Hilary, Salisbury

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Our Aberdeen Angus beef doesn’t leave Hampshire at any point in its production: having been processed by our local butcher and packaged by us, you can be sure there are very few food miles!